March 19, 2009

Two giveaways that caught my attention

If there were two giveaways I wouldn't be able to resist, then it would be for a new breastfeeding book and a quilting/sewing machine... Well, they are happening right now!

"Breastfeeding with Comfort and Joy" giveaway is ending on March 20th, the review sounds wonderful and the book is self-published so this is your big chance (and mine) to win one!

Then there's the Marie Osmond 200 Quilter’s Companion (by Janome) waiting to be loved by someone, it could be you or me, who knows :) Maybe I will finally manage to finish the quilt that I cut last summer, ha!

Good luck!


Angie said...

Is that marie osmond book old or new? I think I saw a similar one at the good will here. If its still there I could get it for you?

Angie said...

Ok so I got them confused its a sewing machine and the other is a book sorry I need to read better!