September 30, 2009

too tired to think of post title...

It's late, very late. I won't even say how late it is right now, because considering how little sleep I got last night, it's a crime to stay up this late, not to mention, sit down just to make a blog post when I was all ready to head to bed. Granted, this is a much needed and very much overdue post, but still... Did I mention that it is VERY late? I might as well just say "Good Morning!"...

I was heading to bed, 3rd time tonight, but just can't commit myself to sleeping because I'm afraid this night will fail me again, just like it did yesterday, whenever I tried to close my eyes.

But something is giving me hope. It's raining outside, and I can barley hear soft rolling thunder in the distance. There's no better lullaby for me than rain. And thunder is like my ultimate cue to GO TO BED. It also prompted me to sit down and finally update my blog. Unpredictable thing, that thunder is...

Ahhhhhh, more thunder... Sleep... Write...

And in the spirit of me declaring my love for thunder and rain, here are some recent photos from our last drive in the mountains, chasing yet another thunderstorm.

driving out of the storm and towards the setting sun

That evening we were all giddy about going on a hike. The storm was one step ahead of us, but we didn't mind. In return we got one of the most incredible sunsets, with a fantastic rainbow on top. The light from the sunset made everything glow with pink and orange, how often do you get to see that?

and now, good night...

September 3, 2009

Just a couple of 'Maya' moments

That girl never ceases to amaze me. Recently I got her an embroidery hoop and a blunt needle, just for the sake of letting her learn something new. Saying she was thrilled with this new activity would be a criminal understatement. She

And here's a new gem that came out of her mouth today:

me: Maya, what are you going to wear today?
Maya: You. I'm going to wear you out.

I guess that's what comes after all that practice with 'knock, knock' jokes.