March 19, 2009

Fun times

Has it been nearly two weeks already? Or should I say, it's only been less than 2 weeks and I am making another post!

But seriously, I have to blame it all on Anya's teething. Or who knows what it is that keeps her up at night more than ever. Thank goodness for her cuteness during the day and all sunshine with warm weather to sweeten the exhaustion from staying up at night trying to get little Anya to sleep. I secretly have to giggle when she wakes up next to me and starts crawling on our bed in the dark, sticking her fingers in whatever openings she can find on our faces. But the cuteness of it wears out in about 2 minutes when the overwhelming feeling of having to get her go back to sleep settles in. Well, at least in these last couple of weeks it looks like teething is to blame, as compared to no obvious excuses during all those countless nights when she kept us awake. Someday she will figure this sleep thing out and then we'll naively reward ourselves with another newborn thinking that it surely will sleep better than Anya did...

I'm often in awe at how creative our children can get when they try to find things they are not supposed to play with. Maya's old trick of using my make-up (with a lot of effort put into her eyebrows) is nothing compared to what Elijah can do. Every night when I go to bed, I quickly scan the room and the kitchen for things that need to be put out of sight and reach. That involves hiding knives, scissors, any hair products, locking the bathroom and the door to the closet in my craft room (where I now store my Dharma dyes on the highest shelf, but you can't be too cautious after he showed me what he's capable of doing with my dyes last summer).

Well, one of his last week's victims was a nice big jar of extra virgin and extra expensive coconut oil. To my defense, I did think for a second that the jar needed to be hidden when I was doing my usual scan, but since it was probably 3 a.m. when I was going to bed, that thought quickly escaped my mind. I really wasn't a bit surprised when I found Elijah thoroughly enjoying a good amount of coconut oil the next morning.

The cleanup was slightly easier than after 20 emptied jars of Dharma dyes, thank goodness for that. I think the hardest part was seeing all that good oil go to waste (well, not from Elijah's perspective obviously). The upside, his hair smelled and felt heavenly once it was washed.

What a life. Can't call it anything but exhaustingly exciting.

And of course there are always sanity savers that eat up my sleep time when there's such a thing. Meet Maya's very orange and happy new tunic, crafted by mama at 3 a.m.

swing top


Now I want one too. Some day...


Amy said...

The third picture of Anya is awesome. You always catch the best lights.

And YOU KNOW I'm going to laugh at Elijah getting at the CO (although I agree that it would've been just as funny with a much less expensive oil). Although I'd love to meet you some day, let's never, ever leave our boys alone FOR A SECOND.

Maya's dress is perfection. Love the style and LOVE the color. She'll be able to wear it as a shirt or tank long after it's too short as a dress. Then you can start all over with it on Anya.


I'd sew way more if I had a girl.

P.S. You mentioned a CO chocolate recipe on FB quite a while back. With Simon's diary allergy, I'd love to be able to make him some chocolate in anticipation of Easter coming up. Would you mind sharing the recipe??

Or I could just mold little egg-shapes out of pure butter...

LilKnitter said...

That tunic is adorable! You certainly make valuable use out of all the time Anya isn't letting you sleep. I have this crazy theory that these children who won't let us sleep - your Anya, my Glynis - will one day just spontaneously fall asleep on their own and stay that way all night.

It's fun here in Denial Land. :)

Lisa - The WagonMaster said...

I want that tunic - does it come in a size 10? :)

I can't believe how long Maya's hair looks. She seems so grown up, it's kind of sad and exciting all at the same time.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful tunic! You did a fantastic job on it. :)

And, that CO mess made me giggle. You caught some good pictures of it all!

Anonymous said...

I forgot to comment on Anya! How could I forget-she's beautiful. I love the 3rd picture of her. So sweet. Now, if only she'd let you sleep at night!!!