May 30, 2010

new life

Monday was chilly and it even snowed here. The snow didn't stick. But it was enough to make me want finish a warmer baby blanket, since I only stocked up on summer muslin swaddling wraps.

Monday came and went. And on Tuesday, May 25, Ivy Joy was born at home @ 2:43 a.m. She's perfect and we are all in love.

May 19, 2010

Nesting still

The baby is waiting

for the perfect day to come

when he or she will feel ready

to be born into this world...

Meanwhile, I'm trying to take advantage of every single day and do things that I know I won't be able to do with a tiny little newborn around. Fun things, you know, like cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning. And sewing of course, with some knitting in between. And then there are some 'now or never' things that I was excited to cross of my list lately. Like having some non-mirror photos taken of me by Mark in the middle of our drive down the canyon. 38 weeks, spontaneously picked spot and me feeling very awkward being in front of the camera. But it was all good, I needed something like this after 4 pregnancies...

38 weeks

And I managed to paint my belly with henna too. Something that I was always fascinated with, and now I finally got around to actually doing it. In the true DIY spirit, I painted my belly myself (although I wish it was someone else with a more steady hand and a better view of the paining area), freehand too, because I'm not patient enough to fiddle with transferring the design first. All 3 kids stare with fascination at the flower (or star, depending on who you ask) on my belly every time they lift my shirt to 'kiss the baby'...

henna belly

May 15, 2010

in the spirit of procrastinating

Really, there's no better time to resurrect a blog than when you have 2 dozen of things on your list of things to do (and to make) before the new baby comes. Which technically could happen any day now. Considering that I never made it to the magic 40 weeks before. So right now I'm in the middle of making some cloth wipes and yet somehow it doesn't seem right to be so focused on such an important task. A little procrastinating is just what I need at this time.

And just to make an impression that I've been quite productive lately, here are a few things that I managed to finish(!!) before(!!!) the baby is born.

teeny tiny soaker

newborn woolies

she just couldn't figure out why all those cute woolies don't fit her

35 weeks
and obligatory belly shot, albeit outdated a bit (35 weeks, almost 3 weeks ago)

Now if I could just finish those wipes tonight...