October 27, 2008

It's all about colors

Happy colors make ma happy. Or even better, any colors in fun combination make me happy :) So I'm putting together a quilt, hoping it will be a perfect addition to our couch for those cold winter nights (and days) when I want to wrap myself in a blanket and watch a show with a cup a cocoa or tea.


This stack of fabric has been staring at me for a couple of months, so it's quite an accomplishment that I was able to put together half of the rows last night. Oh, and did I mention it's my first quilt ever? I just hope it won't turn into new addiction, since it's a very time consuming one :)


Annie said...

cocoa or tea and biscotti, you forget to mention the biscotti!

Stephenie said...

Oh wow I am sure it will be amazing!!

Angie Nelson said...

I love to quilt! Its a very addicting habit to get in to:)

The Wizzle said...

I can't wait to see it, because I know it will look pretty much like whatever I would want to make if I were to make a quilt, only I won't have to do the work! Perfect.