March 25, 2009

Miracles happen

I was trying to catch up on photo editing (as always) and was delighted to discover that we finally have a family photo of ALL 5 OF US. This hasn't happened since there were only 4 of us (and Anya was still a floating bean inside me). This is worth celebrating. With a post.

Taken in February after attending open house at the Draper LDS Temple, where all 3 kids surprised us with amazingly good behavior. Photo was taken by Mark's friend and co-worker who happened to be there with his family too. He has no idea what a historical moment it was for us to have him take our family photo.

draper temple bw


The Wizzle said...

What a beautiful photo! I'm sure my family doesn't have such a nice one since Iris was born. I think we just have the one from her blessing day, and you can't even see her!

Kara said...

And what a beautiful photo it is :D I think the only ones of the five of us are self timer shots in the garden. We really must get some!