October 18, 2011


I love autumn. Everything about it just seems right. And I love that it's a season of chance, just like spring, and unlike summer or winter, when the same weather can last for weeks and weeks, and you feel like it will never end. But autumn... you know it won't last forever and it will end, and the very last warm day might be right around the corner. So you savor it, and try to enjoy every day, breathing in that air that smells of wet leaves clinging one to another on the ground.

We love hiking at this time of year. September was still quite warm, much like summer. But after a week of really cold weather, the autumn is undeniably here, keeping us on our toes and calling us to spend more time enjoying these last warm days and beautiful rich colors outside. So we've been hiking, and still plan to squeeze in a few hikes before trails get completely covered with snow for a good 6 months...

White Pine Trail has always been one of our favorite hikes around here. We don't make it as far as we'd like to, having 4 little hikers with us (one of which refuses to stay on her papa's back and walks quite slowly on a rocky trail, or even better - in an opposite direction) means stopping and exploring rocks and leaves every few minutes. Still, just getting to the river is exhilarating and addicting enough to make us plan another hike before we even finish the one we are doing at the moment. Thanks to certain little(st) person, we got to our turning point at dusk, and our hike back to the car was pretty much in the dark. So worth it.

October 15, 2011

well, hello there!

State Street Cowl
Oy, where did the last 2.5 months go? There's so much updating I need to do. Just wish kids would be asleep before 10:30 p.m. which hasn't happened in weeks. Tonight, I'll make it a goal to write a real blog post. Until then, cute baby face.