January 25, 2012


Little ones have been busy lately. Maya really got into origami and has been creating all kinds of creatures every day. We've been swimming in origami, it's literally everywhere. Most of our Christmas tree was covered with origami creations. I don't mind of course, it's fun to see how quickly those guys can figure out different patterns and even advance onto making up their own, like this gondola made by Maya:

Elijah loves using all kinds of his own ideas to create somethings new. I do wish I could still have imagination of a child, being able to experiment freely, unafraid of failing or being criticized...

his tree with interlockable tree branches. I'll go ahead and call him a smart kid.

We have mountains of papers on our desk, kids' drawings, stories and creations that we keep collecting, hoping that one day they will all be asleep before 10 p.m. so we could sort and scan their artwork. We've done one so far... One is a start, right?

Anya's sunflower
Anya's first drawing was a sunflower, and she still draws them every day.