May 15, 2010

in the spirit of procrastinating

Really, there's no better time to resurrect a blog than when you have 2 dozen of things on your list of things to do (and to make) before the new baby comes. Which technically could happen any day now. Considering that I never made it to the magic 40 weeks before. So right now I'm in the middle of making some cloth wipes and yet somehow it doesn't seem right to be so focused on such an important task. A little procrastinating is just what I need at this time.

And just to make an impression that I've been quite productive lately, here are a few things that I managed to finish(!!) before(!!!) the baby is born.

teeny tiny soaker

newborn woolies

she just couldn't figure out why all those cute woolies don't fit her

35 weeks
and obligatory belly shot, albeit outdated a bit (35 weeks, almost 3 weeks ago)

Now if I could just finish those wipes tonight...


The Wizzle said...

What a delightful little pile of woolies! I can't believe you are so close. Looking forward to this sweet baby's birth story!

Melissa said...

Nice to see you back after so long. And congratulations on your upcoming addition!