July 8, 2009

July 4th :: part two ::

Our packing for the trip is not going anywhere right now, so instead of running around in circles, without actually getting anything done, I'm taking a break and trying to finish my second post about our 4th of July weekend...

Did I mention we made some pretty awesome strawberry jam while visiting Mark's parents? I'll shamefully admit that the thought of making jam myself was quite overwhelming, up until we discovered the genius of freezer jam. Thirty minutes, no boiling, three (!!!) ingredients and 12 jars of jam. ADDICTING. I'm itching to make more, but must resist, or it would be a bit too obvious how much I try to avoid the packing.

note the Maya's 'layered' fringe. she did it herself. more than once. too many pairs of scissors in the house.

And of course, we went to watch fireworks that night. The new quilt walked with us as well.


HeatherGwood said...

YUMMY! Love the pics of the fireworks too and the quilt looks great!

The Wizzle said...

Ha, pics of fireworks come out so much better on a real camera. :) I took mine with my phone, and...yeah. Not so much.