July 5, 2009

July 4th ::part one::

Yesterday we went to pick up Maya and Elijah after their week of stay at Grandparents' house. We wanted to finish a few things before settling back into our usual chaos.

:: so we tried to fold some laundry ::

:: and then I tried to finish the binding on my quilt (after staying up till 4 a.m. the night before, working on this time consuming, yet extremely fun project) ::

our tray usually stays folded down, but as it turns out, it's perfect for storing my notions. and that iPod and phone are sitting in what I now call my yarn ball holder :)

my new scarf. after almost spending $20 on a summer scarf several times (which I couldn't bring myself to do after all), I came across some pretty amazing gauze fabric during an emergency run to *cough* walmart. my $2 and 2 minute scarf (second half of yardage is waiting to be overdyed)

Mark, with his blue and skinny arm. well, bluer and skinnier than it normally is

We spent some good relaxing time at Mark's parents. Our kids seemed to have grown at least 5 inches in just one week. We tried to enjoy our honeymoon/reunion day as much as we could, knowing that all the sweetness and pleasantness would wear out quickly (they are back to 'normal' today). Maya had another dozen of love notes waiting for me and she even picked out a candy bar for her mama during one of the trips to the grocery store with Grandma. Our time flew by quickly, either due to the fact that I kept working on hand sewing quilt binding all afternoon (which is a surprisingly relaxing activity) or because I had a headache. I don't regret having that headache as much as I regret not having enough time to roam around those farm hills like Mark and I wanted to. I guess we will have to wait till our next visit...

the land of freedom for wild flowers, they are weeds no more


The Wizzle said...

The quilt is looking more and more fabulous all the time!

And I agree - seeing as I'm a very not-amazing gardener, I wholeheartedly admire any plant that can grow without help, and think it's pure horicultural snobbery to call them "weeds". They're seemingly the only things I can cultivate, so I like 'em!

Amy said...

The second half of yardage is waiting to be overdyed? For me? You don't have to go to the trouble of dyeing it, just send it as is... ;)

Wow, that land is incredible! Maya and Elijah must've had such a fun time.

Jennifer said...

what an extremely BEAUTIFUL LITTLE BABY. omg-- that smile!