July 27, 2009

Family Vacation :: part two ::

This was day 3 of our vacation (first two days were spent on the road), which consisted of a trip to the Farmer's Market (previous post) and taking the Clinton-Mukilteo ferry back across Puget Sound, after which we stopped to spend some time at the beach.

Elijah, being his usual self, was having the ride of his life on the ferry, after which he declared that when he grows up he wants to be a ferry driver and transport Grandma's car on it. Ironically, I didn't get any photos of Elijah having the ride of his life and dreaming about being a ferry driver because Lisa took him on the upper deck while I stayed with Mark and the girls. Oh well, I guess we'll just have to do it again some day...

:: and then we all enjoyed cool breezy beach ::

:: and even managed to get a semi-decent family photo at the end, the only one of all 5 of us ::

We had a long full day, and unfortunately for us, Elijah decided to take a nap on the way back which translated into him not wanting to go to bed at the normal hour. He stayed up with grown ups in the living room for a bit, trying to find a comfortable spot and at some point he finally got quiet. We peeked out of the kitchen and saw this:

doesn't he look cozy sleeping on top of the power strip, covered with yoga mat? :)


The Wizzle said...

Hey, your dreads are gone! You looks lovely in any case.

And I love the carrier Mark is using! Dang, those straps look comfy. I just know I won't like anything but a wrap, but I love it for you guys.

Olya said...

Rachel, I know, I was hesitant to post the photo because it reminds me that I'm dread-less right now... I had a dilemma a month ago where they were due for some serious several-hours-worth of maintenance and yet I always wanted the sectioning to be redone in the back. So I figured there was no sense in doing maintenance if I wanted the back ones to be redone at some point. I combed them out, had an appointment made to get someone to do my dreadlocks while Maya and Elijah stayed for a week at grandma's...

Well, I ended up with severe back pain for that whole week, so there was no way I could sit on a chair for several hours. Then there was packing for the trip, family vacation, and now that I'm back I CAN'T wait to get my dreadlocks back.

And yes, we truly do love our Kleinsmekker(s) :) I'm a wrapper at heart, but that KS is a serious competition to my wraps.

Anonymous said...

What beautiful photos and the beach is gorgeous!
You family photo is really lovely!!