July 27, 2009

Family vacation :: part one ::

I've been working on the photos from our trip whenever I get a break and I'm still only half-way done. Which can mean two things - I'm either too slow/don't have enough time or I took too many photos. In my case, it's both.

Stepping over our usual piles of unfolded, refolded and misplaced laundry everywhere, the thought of us having just returned from our family vacation seems almost surreal. Maybe it was just a very realistic 3D movie I watched? Thank goodness for the photos, one look at a snapshot and my brain gets overloaded with all the imprints it got from that particular moment, the sounds, the emotions, the smell, everything.

So here I am, feeling overwhelmed with the achievement of traveling and HAVING FUN with 3 little ones and at the same time yearning for a change, the kind of change that moving to one of those two states would bring. Yes, my worst fear was confirmed, I LOVED Oregon and to my surprise, I enjoyed Washington just as much, if not a teeeeeny bit more.

somewhere in Idaho

:: final stretch before arriving to Edmonds, WA ::

:: first order of business in Edmonds - Farmer's Market in the morning ::

eating fresh crepes while sitting by the curb, a vacation must right there

probably a good place to stop, since I'm getting attacked by naked goblins. Ferry ride and our first trip to the beach coming up next...


Amy said...

Why were you in OR and WA? Do you have family there? Did I miss something?

Peter and I went to OR for our honeymoon and we have family in Camas and Evert, WA. I looooooove that area of the country. The ocean, the trees, so much grows there... I can see why you'd love it too.

Hey, would you mind posting (or emailing me) the recipe you used for the strawberry jam? All the ones I'm finding have twice as much sugar as fruit! Yikes.

The Wizzle said...

The lettuce! Looks delicious. Looking forward to seeing the rest. :)

Angie said...

you like washington a teeeny bit better huh? Well they may have the apples and cherrys but we got the blueberries:)

Annie said...

amy, i grew up in camas, and now I'm olya's neighbor!! small world for sure!

Anonymous said...

gorgeous photos!
we just returned from vacation, and I understand what you are saying about photos! It took me forever to choose which ones to post : ) I love hearing about your travels with three little ones, I have three littles too!

Lisa - The WagonMaster said...

:) - good thing you missed the 'heat wave' or WA may not have ranked so high!

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