May 4, 2009

Shiny new things

I've been enjoying using my new set of stainless steel cookware. I'm slowly getting used to using super low flame, which does the trick for me without burning the food, thus making my pots and pans almost as non-stick as Teflon coated pans that we finally got rid of. Good times, I have time for cooking (most days), I have fun cooking and I love the end result. Now I just need to write my made-up recipes before I forget them...

Disclaimer: I'm lousy at writing recipes, or following them for that matter. So if something sounds unclear, feel free to ask. Be aware that I don't measure, everything is eyeballed so don't put too much trust into my measurements, they are only given as guidlines. Start with less if you are not familiar with a certain spice, and keep adding more to your taste. In other words, have fun!

Lentil soup with Bulghur stuff(or whatever spelling you want to use for it)
4 quarts or many many servings

2 c green lentils (soak for at least 30 mins)
1 c bulghur wheat (coarse would give more texture, fine will make soup more creamy)

fresh garlic cloves, the more the better (5-7?)
1 medium onion chopped
dried or fresh mint (3T-ish of dried or medium store-sized bunch)
2t ground cumin
2t ground coriander - optional
1 t turmeric

1 can tomato sauce or 3-5 tomatoes pureed in a blender
vegetable or chicken stock
2-3 T lemon juice of 1 lemon squeezed (start with less and add more to taste)
salt/pepper to taste

baby spinach

Cook lentils for about 20 minutes in stock of your choice. When tender, add bulghur wheat and let simmer. Meanwhile...

Saute onions with minced garlic until golden brown, add all the spices and saute for another 2 minutes.

Add the spice/onion/garlic mixture to the pot, stir, add mint, salt/pepper and tomato sauce/puree. Stir and add lemon juice to taste. Throw in some baby spinach and cook for 2-3 minutes. Done.