May 4, 2009

Having fun=hard work

I don't know why, but whenever we try to have a fun outing for the kids' sake, it often turns out the opposite. We have no problem with having spontaneous fun, but as soon as it stops being spontaneous, the fun ends and the tears with screaming take over.

It took us some time to find a good day to go fly a kite which was gifted to Elijah for his birthday. We got into the car, drove to the park, found a perfect spot for running and practicing with kite flying. Turns out kids lost all the interest in doing what the whole outing was about and instead decided to run wild. Don't get me wrong, running wild is cute and fun, but with our two runners it means running as far away as possible, preferable in two different directions, with one of them being towards the busy street. That's where fun ends. Our begging and pleading to stay closer to us didn't do any good, then there was a good deal of fighting, tears, screaming and almost going home.

We gave up on the kite idea, partly because the wind was no good (or we were just lousy kite fliers), and partly because we needed to re-focus and have just a bit of fun before heading home so that we'd have something good to remember. Fortunately, playing hide-and-seek and catch left us with plenty of happy memories.

Looking through the photos makes it seem like the crying only lasted for 5 seconds and the fun lasted all night. Time will pass, and we will be telling our grown up children that we don't remember them acting up. EVER.

And had to add this cute little clip, makes me smile every time I watch it :)


The Wizzle said...

This is so true! Looking back, through photos, it looks like everything is beautiful and fun, and if there were any tears they were just "cute". I hope I remember it that way when it's all said and done, too!

Angie said...

You just need to come here and go to the coast to fly kites it wouldn't take much to get them to fly since its windy alot! how do you like your hair that way?

LilKnitter said...

My 11.5mo DD was entranced by your video of Anya! And I adore your dreads!!

Amy said...

How come there are twice as many new posts in my feeds than on your actual blog? Not that I mind so much since I'm still seeing them, but others might be missing out.

Olya said...

Amy, one was posted too soon and the other just seemed to be out of place :)

Angie, I love it (on most days, lol), thanks!

onegoldensun said...

I love the photos! And the video clip is precious. The photo of your beautiful mei tai makes me miss those babywearing days! I agree that spontaneity is key for "fun" with kids. I love how you turned the frustration around and had fun anyhow. That can take a lot of flexibility and inner calm!

A Mama in Seventh Heaven said...

awwwwww!!So sweet!!
So envious of the green grass!!