April 22, 2009

Busy month

Eeeekk, I feel defeated by this birthday month. I did my best trying to keep up with birth-day posts, and believe it or not, they are all typed up and just need some editing, saved in drafts and waiting to be posted...

Until it happens, I won't use that as an excuse not to post anything else. The time line is already messed up anyway, right?

Last week Maya celebrated her birthday and I followed my impulse and made her a last-minute t-shirt that she requested in her last minute wish list. Here it is (the wishlist):

birthday wish list

Puzzled? I'll decode:

Kindergarten Book
P (she never told me, just said "let's skip that for now")
Art Book
Short Sleeve Shirt
New Crayon Set
Velvet Art Work
Card (she revealed to grandma that she wants a DEBIT card)
Decorations for Christmas

I know she requested a short sleeved shirt, but it was a week ago, when we still had 50s outside with rain and snow. Since I was using old t-shirts to make her a new one, the sleeves were 'pre-made' and I decided to keep them 'as is' until it got warmer. The applique was the time killer, took longer than the shirt itself. I'm still glad I did it, because I had upcoming Earth Day in mind.

Her birthday shirt

birthday girl


Amy said...

Cure shirt and very cute birthday girl!

But a debit card?? Olya, YOU ARE IN TROUBLE.

Tory said...

That earth applique is awesome! The extra time was worth it.

Annie said...

i wish i could have heard her say she wanted a debit card out of her own mouth. I would have laughed so hard I probably could have jump- started things on the labor front!

Olya said...

Annie, I actually chocked a little when I heard about the DEBIT card.