May 5, 2009

No-meat Korma

I've made this dish several times and it's quickly becoming my favorite. At the beginning it was based on one of the recipes from one of my cookbooks, but the last few times I prepared it by memory since I couldn't find the book, adding my own personal touches. Since I'm not very creative with names for dishes, I'll let it have it's original name - Korma. However, if you are intimately familiar with Indian cooking and this is no where near what Korma is supposed to taste like, let me know and I'll drop that name. I completely understand the frustration of having a random dish named after something that it doesn't even remotely related to.

Oh, and last time I used cauliflower for the first.time.ever. Don't know what took me so long, probably the memories of it being all soggy and smelly after being boiled for half an hour. It's not like that at all. Even Mark admitted that he liked it.

Disclaimer: I'm lousy at writing recipes, or following them for that matter. So if something sounds unclear, feel free to ask. Be aware that I don't measure, everything is eyeballed so don't put too much trust into my measurements, they are only given as guidelines. Start with less if you are not familiar with a certain spice, and keep adding more to your taste. In other words, have fun!

No-meat Korma

EV olive or coconut oil for sauteing
1 med. onion chopped
3-5 cloves of garlic, minced
hot red pepper flakes
1-2 T freshly grated ginger root
1t turmeric
2-3t ground cumin
2-3t ground coriander
2t garam masala OR 1t ground cardamom (or a little of both)
maybe a tiny pinch of cinnamon (honestly, don't remember, but won't hurt to try)
3-5 medium tomatoes, chopped
bell pepper, cut in heart-shaped pieces (or whatever shape you like)
lots and lots of cauliflower (or a little less than that, combined with extra firm cubed tofu)
water or some kind of stock (about 1 cup, depending on how much sauce you want)
1/2-2/3c sour cream
add lemon juice if you like extra 'kick'
baby spinach (optional)
fresh cilantro

Saute onions with garlic until golden brown, add ginger and spices, stirring frequently. Add vegetables and cook uncovered with a tiny bit of water until they start getting tender (just don't wait until they get soggy, please). Add the rest of the water, stir, add sour cream, stir some more. Throw in some spinach if you want (I do it automatically). Let cook for another couple of minutes. Served over rice, quinoa or buckwheat, topped with fresh cilantro(or not).


onegoldensun said...

Looks delicious! Thank you for posting. I need some serious inspiration in the kitchen these days!