May 26, 2009

Busy days

It's been a busy month. We've been looking for a car since April, and the search was consuming pretty much all of our free time. Now it's DONE. The car is purchased, we are really really happy to have a car that better suits our needs and also to be done with looking at ads, reviews and driving to dealerships.

Now if only we could get just one step ahead of our laundry, you know, the kind that's been washed and maybe even folded, but never makes it back into the dresser and gets unfolded by busy little hands? Yeah, the story of our life right now...

Aside from that, it's good to have my 'free' time back (the time when I'm supposed to be sleeping but instead chose to work on my projects and then regret it in the morning). I've been branching out (as always) and trying my hand at new things, mostly working on bringing back my drawing skills and adding watercolor painting to it. I've also finally carved a few stamps, something I've been wanting to do for a long time. I don't scrapbook (intentionally trying to avoid it, or I'll get addicted quickly), but I always loved the added touch of a stamped picture to the gift wrap (brown paper bag in our case) or a letter/envelope. Plus I've been wanting to use stamps on fabric as well.
So, viola, my first stamp was carved.

my attempt at hand carving a stamp

I also was happy to return back to my serger and make a quick, easy and, ultimately, adorable dress for Anya. Just found a small onesie, shortened it, added skirt, finished the bottom with rolled edge hem (using serger for it as well) and completed the look with tie-dyed bath for the dress.

loving my serger

I decided to get the most use out of the dye bath, so in went 3 more small items, one of them was a t-shirt for Elijah:

These are just some of the things I've made recently, and I'm hoping for many many more creative opportunities soon. Tonight will be soon enough :)


Angie said...

As always its just amazing how many talents you have! I love the clothes you make they are so cute.

onegoldensun said...

hi Olya,

I love your beautiful creations. You have such an artful eye (and hands!) Anya's dress is so darm cute! I can always count on you to bring me inspiration!