May 27, 2009

Anya's all-night swaddle

Anya's all night swaddle (with link to instructions)

I meant to post it here sooner, but better late than never. This is also a shameless plug for Aden & Anais muslin swaddling wraps(which I DON'T sell) that we love SO MUCH. I honestly think that every parent needs to give them a try, and I'm not exaggerating. After all, we have 3 kids and by now we are all about necessities. Oh, and they are also sold at Target now for and even better price with some exclusive designs. I didn't try those personally, but hope they are the same amazing quality!

We stopped swaddling Anya at around 10 months, but due to recent requests I took some photos and turned them into quick instructions on the swaddle that we did for A since she was about 3 months old.

I initially planned to do it with a teddy bear, but it was too small (newborn size) and I decided to risk it with A. Surprisingly, she didn't mind at all, stayed still the whole time, either remembering or wondering what was going on and how it was going to end :)

Check out this Swaddle gallery for instructions on how we did Anya's all-night swaddle.

I hoping to post either some photos or a video of a different swaddling techniques that worked better for teeny tiny newborns.


Ariana said...

She is so cute. So so cute.
I'll have to try those wraps if I have a fourth baby. My son had colic and loved being swaddled, I'm a firm believer in swaddling and those being larger and thinner than a regular baby blanket would have worked well since he was such a fat baby.

Anonymous said...

Oh come on - you don't swaddle a 13 month old - that is not the best demo! And why are you plugging Target if you sell these. Aden and Anais sold out to the BIG box stores... that is why small boutiques have such a hard time these days! A+A is a multi-million dollar company now, so you can stop plugging them!

Olya said...

oh... wow... somehow during rearranging my blog layout, my comments settings got changed and I didn't notice. I'm determined to set them back to make sure that I can at least see the name of a person who attacks me in such an uncalled for manner.

First, I don't sell ANYTHING. Second, I don't advertise for money or post for money, this post included. I wanted to share the swaddle that *I* came up with many months ago when I had a baby (and forgive me for not using a teddy bear instead, or better yet, grabbing someone's 3-month old), because a few moms I know asked if there was a way to to swaddle a baby without having him wrestle out of the blanket.

I spent time taking photos, editing them, posting them hoping it would help someone(it would be ironic if you tried this swaddle method, wouldn't it?). When I discovered those blankets I didn't know ANYONE, including my online friends, who used them. This is what we loved and used. I am not even aware if there any other companies that make something similar. Someone mentioned recently that they are now sold at Target and I thought I'd mention that because not everyone likes to google every product and check out all the links to the small online stores, some of which take PayPal only. I bought mine locally and didn't remember any reputable online stores off the top of my head.

Whatever reason there is behind your attack, I hope you were just in a bad mood and this came out the wrong way. And guess what, I'm in a pretty crummy mood myself right now, but I do hope it doesn't show here.

Next time you do something helpful and someone yells at you for that, remember your comment...

Krista said...

I would love to see the pics on how you did it, the link is down! And don't let people get you down! Seriously, if you're going to be rude, at least leave a name and a way to respond! I've never seen the A and A blankets at Target, but I wish I had, I paid $45 for them.

Your daughter is ADORABLE!

Olya said...

thank you for letting me know about the link, we switched servers a little while ago and I didn't think to check and make sure that old page links still worked. I fixed that now, enjoy!

also, thank you for understanding :)