October 13, 2008

Some recipes to share

Last week Mark and I had a chance to eat out (no kids!) at Mazza (Mediterranean and Middle Eastern restaurant). They had a stunning variety of vegetarian and vegan dishes and we couldn't resist ordering two sampler plates. We loved every single side, all of them! In fact, we loved them so much that I miraculously remembered the names of two sides (unusual for me) and was able to find some recipes online in hopes to recreate the delightful taste of middle eastern cuisine at home. I've cooked two dishes so far and both Mark and I agree that they turned out just as good, so I am happy to share the recipes :)

Muhammara (walnut and roasted pepper dip/sauce)
7 oz roasted bell peppers (or 2 bell peppers roasted in the oven)
1/5 cup fresh bread crumbs (about 1 slice of bread)
1/3 c walnuts (recipe called for roasted, but I left them raw)
2 garlic cloves
1 T lemon juice
2 teaspoons pomegranate molasses*
1 teaspoon ground cumin
1/2 teaspoon dried hot red pepper flakes
3 T fresh parsley
2 T sesame tahini
3/4 cup extra-virgin olive oil
Toasted pita triangles, as an accompaniment

*can be purchased at middle eastern markets, sub'd by 1T lemon juice + 1T agave nectar or honey, or made at home (which I'm going to try next time)

Directions: throw everything in the blender on highest speed (reserve half of the oil for gradually adding it later when the ingredients are fully blended together). Done!

more later... Anya's awake...


Lisa - The WagonMaster said...

If only I could cook, I would definitely try the recipe. One of my favorite places to eat up here is called Vios, a Mediterranean cafe. They have a butternut squash and feta salad that I have a serious addiction to. Mmmm. How bout you drop the kids off at grandma's and take a little road trip... :)

Annie said...

i LOVE mazza, we just drove by there last night and I begged for jesse to see if they would do a to-go order! no luck, and by that i mean jesse wouldn't stop!! :(

Olya said...

Shame on you, Jesse! :)

I've been itching to make that dip again. LMK if you want to come over some time this week and I'll make sure I have all the ingredients ready ;)

Olya said...

Lisa, don't tempt us, I don't think your mom is ready for watching all 3 of them for more than 2 hours,lol!

Amy said...

Hey Olya, thanks for the recipe. Have you tried making the pom molasses yet? Makes me drool just thinking about it! Yum.

I made the recipe with a few changes so that Simon could eat it: no bread crumbs or hot pepper flakes, and we didn't have any fresh (or even dried!) parsley. It was still great though, so I can only imagine how good the original would be! Simon would've eaten it by the handful if I'd let him.

However, while my sad little Osterizer blender might suffice for smoothies, trying to make a dip like this or hummus gives me serious blender envy. I need a Vitamix! Not want. NEED.

Anyways, thanks for the recipe.