October 19, 2008

Late hikes

This year we haven't been very good at having regular hikes, esp. in the fall. Partly because Saturday is the only day when we get to unburry our house from heaps'o'stuff that magically grow back overnight and it's just too hard to find perfect time when it's not kids' nap time and not too dark outside, and when we are not too tired.

This week we've been able to get out !TWICE! and both times is was so refreshing to change the scenery, breathe some fresh air in, get our shoes muddy and listen to the silence of the trees around.

Today's photos are still in the camera, but I have some other ones ready that we took during our Wednesday hike. Both Mark and I were taking photos, so he deserves some credit for doing his best at 'covering' for me when I couldn't hold my camera still while bouncing on my feet to keep Anya from squirming :) And I do enjoy seeing things from his perspective, and the fact that those photos are a 'surprise' to me, something that I don't get to instantly view on the camera screen...

On the way back is was almost too dark to take photos, but I don't mind the noise so I cranked up the ISO and caught the following:


Angie Nelson said...

Looks like a fun hike to me! I cant believe you ran into snow already:(