September 15, 2008


I think this is the last little preview I'm going to add to this blog :) I will be adding a little over 50 photos to the gallery I've set up and probably adding more over the next couple of weeks as I dig through the rest of the photos. So these 50-something shots were on my 'quick' list that I absolutely wanted to edit before my adrenaline rush was over :)

The Gallery!


RO said...

Olya, do you have any idea what talent you have? You seriously could make a LOT of money as a photographer, if that was something you wanted to do. These are just incredible, absolutely incredible. I wanted pictures that I could share with the world, to show everyone how amazing home birth is, and this is really more than I dreamed of! I love the gallery... thank you thank you thank you thank you!

Olya said...

Rebecca, this is one of the most generous compliments I ever received :D Are we just going to keep thanking each other to death? lol! Because that's what I feel like doing ;)

I seriously wish, dream, hope that some day I can do this kind of photography more often. It's like taking a breath of life or seeing beyond the horizon. I wouldn't mind a little extra income, we're not rich by any means, ha! But doing this just for the sake of capturing something timeless is the most rewarding thing to me!

Lisa - The WagonMaster said...

My co-worker is also doing a homebirth, so I've been sharing your website with her (she loves it!). She had photos taken over the weekend and I was checking them out and thought you might like to see that website as well. Here is the address:

It's no where near as good as yours, but the pictures are still fun to look at. My coworker is Amanda (she really does glow!) and she's a huge fan of your work. As am I... :)