April 2, 2012

Family portraits, the fun way!


I'm absolutely in love with these portraits of our family. We haven't had a frame-worthy photo of us taken in years, and I never get around printing the photos I take (pathetic, I know). So to have something so fun and unique painted just for our family feels like Christmas, Mother's Day and birthday all rolled in together. The details in these portraits are amazing, every stroke looks like a piece of art in its own. I love that I can stop by the portraits several times throughout the day, and discover some unique way that a curl or a pair of lips was painted in. Clayton is a truly talented artist with such a distinctive and fun style. He has a Facebook page here, and his wife Amy, who's also a dear friend of mine, wrote more about these portraits. Her blog is worth spending a few hours (ok, days) browsing ;)



Emma Frances said...

These portraits are absolutely breathtaking! Thanks for sharing!

Lisa Gonzalez said...

I love them!!!

Amy said...

They're perfect, Olya. Perfect.

Nadia said...


Also, if you're willing to brave a photoshoot - I recommend fotofly!! They're amazing and cheap! (you get the disc to keep). Check out their page (fotofly.com),some of the pics I have on my fb page - or their fb page - amazing!

Really - I should take some tips from you on how to get great photos!

Jessica said...

I love them! I may just copy you and get some of these done for a photo wall here!