October 15, 2011

well, hello there!

State Street Cowl
Oy, where did the last 2.5 months go? There's so much updating I need to do. Just wish kids would be asleep before 10:30 p.m. which hasn't happened in weeks. Tonight, I'll make it a goal to write a real blog post. Until then, cute baby face.


darlene mcleod said...

Hello! I'll be waiting with breath that is bated for your post. Ivy is gorgeous!

Sara said...

Oh girly...I can so relate. It took 3 days to write my last post with interruptions, computer crashes, and what not. And yes, the late bedtimes.

I am in love with your grey cowel (sp?)...SO gorgeous.

Rachel said...

hi, i'm glad you didn't stop blogging! i discovered your site and am really inspired by it. a great combination of beautiful photographs, family, crafts, foods, and spiritual. thank you!