July 29, 2011

Little Valley Days

having aunt Angie come for a visit was a special treat for all of us

I've been parenting my children long enough to know that no matter how long or short our visit with grandparents is going to be, I still need to bring at least one change of clothes for each child. We met up at a campsite for a lazy Saturday afternoon lunch, unloaded the kids out of the car and 10 minutes later they were covered in food and dirt from head to toe. Every single one of them dropped half of their noodles covered in pasta sauce (made lovingly by Mark at home) onto their lap, then rolled in the extra dark campground dirt and splashed in a nearby stream and mud puddles for a full effect. Luckily for us, a clean change of clothes was ready for each unrecognizable child. So when we showed up for the Little Valley Days celebration later that evening, nobody could tell that our kids had a food/dust/dirt bath just a few hours earlier (and taking a real bath at grandma's house helped too).

poor Ivy started running fever that night, so I wrapped her and she fell asleep before I was done tying the knot...


Katrina said...

that picture with you and ivy sitting is so pretty of you. :)