March 9, 2011

Another week.

It's been a busy week. Wish I could say we've been up to all kinds of fun. But in reality, our busy-ness can mostly be blamed on sickness in our family. Ivy got sick first, then Anya followed her germ trail. Maya and Elijah picked up the crumbs just a few days ago. Unfortunately, those two don't slow down when they are sick (unlike Ivy, who for a couple of days just wanted to sleep and snuggle). If the peak of their sickness can be pinpointed by the amount of lacking judgment and rationality, then I'd say those two reached it on Monday. Good thing there was no cliff within walking distance to jump off. Luckily, Mark answered my distress call and came home early. So here I am, diligently documenting our happenings instead of catching up on sleep...

To sum it up in photos, our weeks consisted of:

the sick (and very cuddly) baby. I could use some of that cuddliness on regular days, without Ivy getting sick. Hear that, baby?

the yummy (gluten-free) food. still loving "Gluten-Free Baking Classics" by Annalise G. Roberts.

(just a quick mix of leftover polenta with sundried tomatoes and garlic, pan fired, served over spinach, with some feta cheese on top)

the latest favorite 'toy' (which they consider to be anything within their reach)

the artists. Anya's been perfecting her coloring skills by drawing sophisticated shapes and filling them in carefully.

the bottomless pit of knitting projects. Including first practice pair of socks and now completed Shalom cardigan.

the I-slept-with-humidifier-in-my-room hair
good morning

the meaning of motherhood.
{picture a pile of my clothes used for wiping noses. against my will, I must add}


Amy said...

A house full of sick kids is NO FUN. Thankfully my kids have been good about taking turns the last two weeks with their fevers/coughs/snotty-noses/diahrea/etc. About the only thing they have taken turns nicely with recently! But I guess I shouldn't complain...

Anya's hair -as always- is awesome.

I hope you'll post pics of your shalom. I'd love to make one myself, but am not sure if it's beyond me. Also don't know what color I'd choose... blue/grey or maybe a nice orange or green or...

kate said...

ooh I love that rainbow colored piece. Is that a blanket? shawl? did you dye the yarn yourself? Love it.

we just gained a cough and sore throats in our house as well. at least I only have one little one to deal with in sickness, i suppose that ought to make it easier.

love your blog... and JUST noticed this week that you are one of the admins or something for utah baby wearers... i live in southern utah county so don't ever come up to the gatherings, but am a member never the less. lovely.

Susan said...

So sorry that everyone's been sick at your house.
When I was in NYC a few years ago, I went to a Ukrainian festival and bought a matryoshka doll (my great-grandparents were from Ukraine). The nesting dolls quickly became a favorite with my little ones. Lately, we've been painting with watercolors,too. And, I've been knitting, knitting, knitting. My little boy (Luke, he's 4) said, "Mama, I want to knit". Soon. First he needs to learn to button his pants properly :-)