February 26, 2011

on my mind

technically, there shouldn't be anything on my mind at 4 a.m. But with the way this night has been, I'm just barely starting to let myself feel tired enough to go to bed.

I've been listening to the wet slushy sounds of cars driving by on the road all night.
Just another batch of drizzling rain, I thought.
Then I happened to catch a glimpse of the backyard light coming through the windows.
Somebody forgot to turn off the light outside, I thought.
I felt around for the switch, tried to flip it down, and realized the light was already off. I finally looked outside. Real snow. Didn't think I'd see it again this winter, judging by how little snow we've had. But here it is, all glowing and almost magical, rushing to the ground, just to become part of the slush in the morning. But that's in the morning. For now it's sitting perfectly piled up on tree branches and cars, making everything glow quietly in the street lights...
4 a.m.