October 4, 2010


(even now, after living in the States for 8 years, I refuse to start my week on Sunday. And the work WEEK-END is there to back me up on that. Week starts on Monday, people! :)

In spite of all the troubles and stress (traveling with our car-hating baby - our 4th car-hater, no less. what luck! - and 3 'angels' who just can't grasp the concept of using soft voices, resting or doing anything quiet during car rides, especially during those rare occasions when Ivy is sleeping), it was good to be able to escape the city once more, spend a few hours breathing fresh air, drinking non-chlorinated water from the tap and visiting loved ones that we don't get to see as often as we'd like to.

:: no, we didn't come across a field of wild flowers. I found lovely patch in Mark's Grandma's yard ::

:: another discovery during our visit... so much color and character. so many years of life written all over this 6x6ft corner ::

:: see those stairs? that's where Mark and I had our engagement pictures taken with a self timer (all 17,954 of them), 10 days before our wedding... 8 years ago ::

:: i didn't forget to bring my knitting along ::

:: and mark volunteered ivy to model a hat that she is outgrowing painfully fast. it is still a hit with everyone but ivy ::

:: we got back to the farm just in time to see this ::

yes, it was a good weekend...


Ariana said...

I'm sorry you have another car-hating baby. Ember cried the whole time we were in the car yesterday :-(

I love Ivy's onesie. It looks so cute on her.

That picture that's closer up of her with Mark on the side is soooo adorable. She has the perfect little baby face. Those lips <3

Anonymous said...

Love that turquoise door!And the new header! Oh, being honest, I love everything about your blog :)

Looks like you had a wonderful visit.

Lisa - The WagonMaster said...

Like the new heading! And could you post something that makes me a little less homesick? Pictures of Grandma J and Sardine canyon? Kills me! : )

LIFE Upcycled said...

Love the pictures! LoVe the lil shack door...so cute!

onegoldensun said...

Your photography are so eloquent, so very beautiful! I never cease to be awed by your "eye"! I love the photo of the hands of grandmother and baby. Thank you for your continuous inspiration!

Angie said...

Love this post! I love the pictures of grandma and Ivy how sweet. The pictures of the shack are priceless:)