August 12, 2009

Things that make me smile

in the midst of our daily chaos, adventures and struggles, there are always moments that interrupt my mind's racing and remind me how much joy simple things can bring...

:: getting a small package from grandma and grandpa who live overseas. so much excitement over a few of lollipops, animal crackers and small souvenirs. so much love in such a small package ::

:: making a quick, simple and delicious meal on the day when I'm in no mood for cooking. good old spaghetti gone fancy, thanks to tomatoes from a kind old couple at church and fresh corn from the farmer's market ::

:: getting back into the knitting groove. autumn must be in the air... ::

Annie, I never got a chance to thank you again for the lovely stitch markers you made for me... Love ya, girl!


Angie said...

That spaghetti looks really good! I was wondering if you make your own hummus? If you do maybe I could get a recipe?:)

littlegreen said...

just came across your blog today, love it, you are inspiring. I see you are in slc, we are in spanish fork... nice to meet you, oh and where did you get your dreads done? by a friend or salon??

Liz M. said...

I love all your pictures, you are very talented!
Did you slip cover that couch? The yellow fabric is great! Can you share where you got it?
Thank you!