August 3, 2009

Family vacation :: part three ::

Snoqualmie Falls, WA

Did I ever mention how much I loved Seattle weather? I honestly couldn't get enough of it. Turns out we got lucky with timing because now they are suffering from extremely hot temperatures, which would be normal for us in UT, except they are not prepared for this kind of heat, no spriklers, no air conditioning in most places. Can't imagine... You have to read Lisa's post to get a better idea of the situation (how's the weather, Lisa?)

But my post is about our vacation in July, when it was cool at night, wonderful 80s during the day, with a few rainy days in between.

:: Snoqulamie Falls was a beatiful place for a hike (if you don't count the power plant that we had to pass on the way). Those tall mossy trees reminded me of the time when Mark and I went hiking in Grand Tetons, back in the days when we only had one child that could be easily left with grandparents for a few days ::

:: later that day we went to the Ballard Locks ::

one of my personal favorites from vacation. yes, she was frowning because we wouldn't let her go past the gate.


Amy said...

You guys went to Ferngully!

I love, love, love that pic of the algae covered locks. So cool. Great pictures as always, Olya.

Kelly said...

looks lovely, your photos are great, (beautiful wrap too!)

Ariana said...

I just have to say I could look at your pictures all day long. They are SO pretty. I love the compositions, the colors.. everything. SO pretty!

I love Washington. These gorgeous pictures make me a little crazy with the missing.

Your kids are so beautiful.
I really love your wrap. Would you mind sharing what brand it is?

Kara said...

Beautiful photographs! Looks like you had a wonderful time, and that wrap looks gorgeous! I've always loved those striped girasols, I had the revontulli one and have always regretted selling it! The older ones were so soft and lovely :)

Olya said...

thanks everyone :) The wrap is Girasol Tullpaani. It's my happy happy wrap and I do love the softness of it even though it's the newer weave (more supportive too ;)

Lisa - The WagonMaster said...

Why do I always look so cross-eyed?

Anyway, great pics as usual. You always make things look even better than real life, and that's talent! So glad you missed the heat, but today it was a mere 64 degrees - that's 40 degrees less than last week! Wahoo!