August 22, 2009

August days are for...

:: playing in the backyard dirt (digging tunnels never gets old) ::

:: getting cleaned up afterwards ::

:: play dough making ::

:: finishing projects ::

:: celebrating Annie's Birthday ::

We're loving August here!


The Wizzle said...

Aha, Elijah in the Tummy Tub is hilarious!

Neptune said...

Hey Olya! I was browsing in TBW to take the latest news, and saw the link to your blog, and wanted to see how you and your family was doing.
I am glad to see you and your LO looks so good. I cannot believe how Anya is grown! (And so Maya and Elijah!)
I adore that skirt you did for her, is that a pattern you made up or something you picked out somewhere? Autumn being near, I feel the urge to suddenly get the knitting needles out again, and would love to do that for DD!! Anyhow, well done, you sure did a fanstastic job!!!

Enjoy the weekend mama!

littlegreen said...

the little soaker skirt is gorgeous! i LOVE the colors and it looks SO cute on her, so do you do cloth diapers? we do too except for we just moved and don't have a washer or dryer yet so we're on a break I guess... take care!

Stephanie said...

I love that first pic. And the second one! :)
The skirt is darling, I, too, love the colors.