June 2, 2009

Family time

Last week we spent the Memorial Day by visiting family and enjoying good weather outside, as well as having a peaceful ride in our new car without kids kicking and poking each other. Can't believe how much more enjoyable road trips can be when nobody is fighting in the back seat and we don't need to stop the car just to turn around and give our kids 'the eye' when our requests to stop fighting are not being heard. No more of that. Just enjoying the view, working a/c and peace.

It was good to see family members and relatives that we don't get to visit with very often. It was surprising for us to see Elijah smothering his great-grandma with hugs and kisses despite the fact that he only gets to spend short time with her a few times a year. I wish we could make such visits more often, and now we probably will(those car rides used to be a real challenge).

And I have to mention Anya's dress here. She's wearing *my* dress from when I was a little girl about A's age. My mom still remembers where she bought it. LOVE...