June 10, 2009

Artist in the making

"Midnight Forest" by Anya, age 1(2009). Chalk, outside of the front door.

Anya loves chalk. She discovered it quite early, just after she turned 1. Although I don't really know what she likes to do with the chalk better - eat it or draw with it.

the girl was nekkid when she created her masterpiece. And I do have the blackmail shot, but I promised to her that I won't show it to everyone until she turns 16.


Amy said...

I think one of the funnest things as a parent is to watch drawing skills develop. From those first ONLY up and down line, to side to side, to circles, to scribbles. Then in my case to Darth Vader and lightsabers and droids. (sigh) Maya's birdies are too precious. It's been months since I've gotten a drawing of something NOT BEING DESTROYED BY A BLASTER.

Angie said...

how cute is she?! Good thing she keeps you smiling in the daytime so it makes up for the maddness at night! Maybe both girls will be artists?:)