November 30, 2008

Random bits

not a 'real' post yet, just a few photos :)

My 'special' bag that I had to bring with me when we went to visit Mark's family last week. It's full of some delicious yarn and 3 knitting projects I'm working on ;)

"out of town" knitting

Last night's dyeing. Not finished yet, waiting for a second dip tonight.

And a happy milestone for us, little A finally decided that she likes to be on my back, which is making housework so much easier :)

finally likes it on my back :)


LilKnitter said...

I'm not sure I would ever eat anything hot during the day if not for back carries. I had no idea what I was missing until I started (you ladies on TBW taught me so much!).

Stephenie said...

Oh wow all that yarn looks sooo yummy!! And A looks so cute on your back. I MISS you guys =(

Angie Nelson said...

I am glad you posted a few things I was worried that life had gobbled you up! Make sure to look at my blog for thanksgiving photos!

Kara said...

I love the colour of your indio! Is it dyed? I would love one like it :) Cant wait to get a proper wrap back in my house this week, My baby sooooo needs to be up on my back! The housework is getting scary.

Morgan Moore said...

I love your knitting bag and the baby on the back is just adorable!

Anonymous said...

I've missed reading your updates! I hope all is going well for you & your family. :)

(That bag is beautiful, btw! And, yummy yarn!)