October 4, 2008

Trying new things

I've been wanting to try needle felting for a while and last night I finally picked up some special needles for felting wool. I didn't expect this to become so addicting! I love the simplicity of needle felting, just cozy up on the couch, surround yourself with fluffy clouds of colorful wool (dyed with KoolAid by Maya and me for making wool 'paintings'), put on a movie and start pocking that wool with the needle :) VERY relaxing... Seriously, somebody should've given me a warning. WATCH OUT, NEEDLE FELTING WILL STEAL UP TO 3 HOURS OF YOUR PRECIOUS SLEEP! (good thing we have an alarm clock named Anya)

I ended up making a mushroom (the kind that accompanied illustrations to every folk tale of my childhood) and a 'harvest' fairy. Don't laugh, this was my first attempt and the 'wheat' turned out more like a rocket or an orange squid. I'll have to fix that tomorrow ;) (oh, and today I also added a bunny, a carrot and a pumpkin, but haven't taken any photos of them yet).


Angie Nelson said...

Those are really cute! You are very talented always coming up with new things to try. its fun to have new hobbies except they take up alot of time:0

Valori said...

Those are very cute! I think I have seen those mushrooms with my experience living in Uzbekistan and watching the childrens shows! Thanks for sharing these fun things!

Marissa L. Swinghammer said...

Wonderful job! I'm very impressed!

Is that an orange psling? :D

onegoldensun said...

Olya, you rock, mama! Thanks for offering me so much inspiration, I love your creativity. :)The applique t-shirts are so cute, too!