June 11, 2011

simple things

Last week I felt like celebrating. Nothing in particular, maybe just the fact that I was finally feeling better. So I put my makeup and running clothes on (yes, I felt like doing it), and asked Ivy if she would join me for a few fancy shots with our Mac's PhotoBooth. She said she had better things to do (not really), but she could probably find a few minutes to pose with me in front of the computer if I promised her a snack at the end. Deal. All the blurry shots aside (that girl won't sit still when there's some huge shiny screen in front of her. what's up with that?), we ended up with this one as a winner, just before she decided to go for my nose with her untrimmed claws.


Next day it was Sunday. At the beginning of Relief Society meeting at church, there was the usual question if anyone had anything exciting happen that week. I almost raised my hand. Almost. And I kept wanting to raise my hand for the next 5 minutes. Always stopping at *almost*. The thing is, I couldn't really pinpoint in my head what was so exciting that happened that week. Nobody in our family got married, or had a birthday party, or had a new baby. Yet, for some reason I felt like I could be that person with a raised hand.

I kept thinking about it, and realized that while nothing big happened to rock my world that week, it was full of small simple things that, when added up, could beat any 'big' event. Planting our tiny garden, how could I forget that. Maya learning to play new songs on the piano. Elijah and Anya expanding their singing repertoire. Feeling better and finally going for a run after a week of couch life (even if said run didn't go all that well. at least I came home with a bunch of vintage buttons. long story...) I am sure there were many other moments which I can't even remember now (should've written about it a week ago, right?). And even though it's easy to underestimate their power, I can't deny the amount of joy they bring into my daily life, leaving me overwhelmingly grateful for each day I get to spend with my loved ones.

Later that Sunday we went for a walk around the neighbourhood. I saw this house with all its colors, and it made me smile (and obviously, stop and take this picture).

We stopped to visit our friends, who are old enough to be our grandparents. What a blessing this friendship is for us. And it comes with free rhubarb.

We got plenty, more than we needed. So we shared some with a sweet lady who was kind enough to give us some irises and a peony (oh how I love peonies) from her garden.

On our way home, I was admiring this tree. It just seemed like this was perfect time and a perfect place for it.

Mark was sporting his new haircut from the night before, and it was no small feat. He only gets his hair cut once every three months. Partly because we can't find time to cut his hair more often (only in the evenings and only when all 4 kids are asleep at the same time for at least an hour), partly because I like it when his hair gets all shaggy.

And while we are on a subject of haircuts, Elijah finally got his fringe trimmed. That very morning, right at the kitchen table after he finished eating his oatmeal. I missed seeing his bright eyes.

Anya was being her usual self, walking with my hand in hers, only letting go to pet a kitty.

(yes, mosquitoes love her too)

And to make our evening walk complete, we found some beautiful poppies growing not far from our house.

Like I said, it's all about simple things...


Anonymous said...

i love all of the colors in this post, and your shoes in your header are amazing!!


(sorry if this posts twice, blogger is being weird this morning)

Kori said...

I love your photos Olya and always look forward to your posts.
Ivy is getting so big and Anya with that rhubarb is hilarious!

Jessica said...

As always, your words were just what the doctor ordered:) I can sense your joy and I *love* that blue house photo. I could move in there right now based on that front entrance!

Katrina said...

just lovely.

miss you, friend. its been way, way too long.

The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

I always love your blogs Olya!! You make the simple sweet things of life look so special!

The Soul Anchor said...

Oh wow, this does look like a lovely weekend! That bright blue house is adorable! And the rhubarb is so big! I love rhubarb, but unfortunately, I'm allergic to it.

Olya said...

Chelsea, thanks! Shoes are Birkis Maria, don't know if they still sell the flower ones.

I appreciate all your comments, I really do :)