October 30, 2010


going to bed every night while trying to remember what I wanted to post about, but didn't get a chance to, is pretty much a torture, if you ask me. I'm quite sure my head might explode a little if I don't get to unload that pile of imaginary hand written notes to myself with ideas and events for blog posts.

One if these days

...when Ivy no longer wakes up 3-5 times in a 2 hour period at night

...when I'm not making (knitting, no less) Halloween costumes any more (ironically, for a holiday that I simply don't get)

...most importantly, when our hard drive has more than 2 GB left on it so I can finally upload 8 GB worth of photos to it

I'll release all those drafted posts into the wild, and might actually get caught up with current events. Before Christmas would be just fine with me.

Until then, a cute baby face can tie into pretty much any post, right? Like, here's the face of that baby that wakes up on average 4 times in a two hour period after she goes to bed. Maybe I should make her wear that hat, so she can look just as cute when she wakes up yet again.

(her hat is made out of the same yarn that you can see in my blog header. in fact, that's what i was knitting when i took the photo)


The Wizzle said...

She's SO cute. Really. Her hat is awesome, and her cheeks? Please. They are delicious!

And I'm so sorry you're so tired and fried. I hate feeling that way.

Amy said...

Very cute baby and very cute hat.

I had to go through and dump about 1500 pics last month to make room for all the new ones.

Andrew, at 22 months, has finally gone two straight nights without waking to nurse. The first night he actually slept through, last night he was awake from 1am-3am, then up for good at 6:45am. Hopefully he'll be "sleeping through the night" for a few months solid before the new baby comes and it starts all over...

charlaine said...

Oh m'gosh. Olya! Look at her cute face! So beautiful :)

Heidi said...

Adorable!!! I love this hat!

Kerry said...

She's absolutely beautiful! The hat's pretty gorgeous too. I'm sure you can forgive someone that adorable for waking so often!

Angie said...

That hat is way too cute! I would for sure recommend keeping the hat on for those late night wake up calls!