September 3, 2010

Riding the FrontRunner

Some time in mid-August Mark and I decided to make a list of things that we wanted to do before the end of the month. Riding the FrontRunner was one of them. We've done it before and of course kids loved it. With autumn being just around the corner we felt the urge to pack in as many activities as possible before cold rainy weather takes over.

We almost didn't make it in time to catch the right train. We had to sprint out of the car, cross the street, in the middle of which I had to stop and pick up the 'essentials' that Maya not-so-carefully packed into her backpack, while carrying Ivy and trying to keep Elijah from running in the wrong direction. Then we ran onto the platform and realized we had no time to buy the tickets. We crossed our fingers and got on the train. Lucky for us, the guy who we assumed would be asking for tickets, didn't say anything so we saved a good amount of money and rode for free. Just kidding. After trying to guess in our mind how many hundreds of $$ we'd need to pay as a fine for a family of 6, we asked him if it was still possible to pay for the tickets somehow, and promptly let out a sigh of relief when he said that we could just buy the tickets when we got to Ogden, which we happily did.

Mark's parents were able to meet us in Ogden, and we ended up spending part of the afternoon together, eating out and exploring old trains. No major incidents or meltdowns happened (probably due to magic dust that grandparents carry with them). A sure key to a successful outing!

(oops, did I just post a picture of Anya picking her nose? I'll pretend it was an accident and I don't know how to delete it)


Shira said...

What lovely photos! Can I be a bother, and ask where you found, or did you sew, those adorable girls dresses?