August 11, 2010

the place where we got eaten alive by the mosquitos

As beautiful as it looks in the photos, going through the meadows in the evening after rain was NOT a good idea. Anya had just recovered from her reaction to a mosquito bite a week ago, when half of her face got swollen, and there we were again, in mosquito land, being followed by hordes of hungry little pests.

We never made it to Lake Mary, partly because we started too late, partly because we just couldn't take any more mosquito bites. Nevertheless, the view was breathtaking, the after rain freshness of air was energizing and the photos of 3 of our kids together taken at our rest point were priceless.

P.S. As I was going through the photos today, I noticed that the 'offender' was caught on 'tape', the very mosquito that gave Anya another swollen eye.
eaten alive by mosquito


Angie said...

poor little Anya:( beautiful scenery though!