July 11, 2010

loved by many...

... she is. every day. and her older sisters and brother are not too shy to express their love for Ivy both in actions and in words.

Sure, they don't exactly try to stay quiet when she's sleeping (couch in the living room is her favorite place for now. or wrapped on mama. in the middle of noise anyway), but that doesn't count. Because they do love her, and each one of them tells her that at least once a day, and smother her with hugs and kisses throughout the day. I heard some parents get annoyed at older children being all over the new baby. But I think nothing could bring me more joy these days than seeing our children expressing their love so freely and willingly. And yes, I do hold my breath for a few seconds when they are trying to kiss Ivy while she's sleeping. But annoyed? no.

taken by Maya


Basia said...

Your photos are so beautiful. I love seeing my children be affectionate to each other too. The only bit that worried me was my son, who is a little rough, possibly hurting my daughter. He was 19 months old when she was born. Now I worry about her hurting him (she is now 13 months old).

The Wizzle said...

These photos are incredible. Even for you. <3