June 22, 2009

weekend summary

First I finally made a serged cloth diaper. Turned out fantastic (yes, I spent enough time on it to deserve a bit of a shameless praise) and so soft, perfect for cuddling if you don't have a little bunny or kitty. But unfortunately too big for little A. Lesson learned: FattyCakes pattern runs big (at least for size L which is supposed to fit 22-30lbs range).

finished. done.

Also managed to have our first successful yard sale trip on Saturday(or second yard sale trip this season, not often enough, if you ask me. that's one of my biggest reasons for wanting to learn driving this summer. just kidding. partially.) We managed to score this lovey Danish retro chair for a whole $1. It's in amazing condition, but I still want to try re-upholstering it. Also Anya got some sweet girly clothes for this fall (and cooler summer days, if we keep having those *crossing my fingers*).

yard sale find

Mark got several awesome gifts from us on Sunday - a nice little shoulder bag for carrying his books and papers that he takes to church or to work all the time, breakfast consisting of a whole bowl of chocolate chip cookies baked the night before when he was sleeping, cards from Maya and Elijah (Anya wasn't in the mood), and uninterrupted sleep for most of the night up until 11:15 a.m.

father' day gift

The beginning of the day was promising, although kids managed to turn it into a 'normal' day, complete with fighting, whining, and some intense yelling from Maya. (Ahhhh, sweet Maya with a 'Y', always a mystery... Don't know what bit that girl, she's been wearing her grumpy face and yelling at everyone all week. Today she accused Elijah of 'munching' on his cereal too much, and got quite upset that he dared to look at her during breakfast. And she called him 'sensitive' while shouting all her complains into my face. Go figure.)

that's how she's been looking at us most of the time last week.

We ended our day with a warm bowl of soup, which kids didn't even touch (completely expected that and had spaghetti ready for them). I wasn't planning to cook that night, but things didn't go as we planned, so I tried to figure out what was going to be for dinner. I don't deal with unexpected changes in plans very well. My cooking mojo was definitely missing that night. The soup turned out quite good, but not the kind of flavor that usually makes me want to sit down and share the recipe through my blog. So no recipe yet, although I absolutely plan on tweaking this soup to make it more exciting for my palate. I did enjoy barley and kale together, they make a good couple.


The Wizzle said...

Are you freakin kidding me with that chair for a DOLLAR? Jealous doesn't begin to describe how I feel right now.

Lisa - The WagonMaster said...

Oh man, Maya is soo much her Aunt Lisa. Sorry about that. But hey, look at the bright side, I turned out almost normal after 20 years of intense emotional mood swings tormenting my parents...

Amy said...

That picture of Maya is priceless. I'm sure you'll laugh over it lots... in 20 years or so.

Speaking of kale, have you ever made baked kale? Easy and yummy. Like chips, but healthy.

Annie said...

oh olya, your kids are really their own people. I love that about them! I also love all of your projects, that diaper looks amazing.

Olya said...

thank you all for *trying* to make me feel better about Maya's moodswings... One thing I learned from them is that [surprisingly] I try to be more patient with her, even when it's really hard. I guess I'm just trying to show her the opposite behavior and how her frustrations can be expressed in a different way...

Amy, I heard you mention kale chips and I definitely want to try making them. Love kale, when it's in the soup, it reminds me a bit of Nori sheets(once they are in my mouth) which I like to munch on. I suspect baked kale will be even more similar to dried Nori.

Annie, thank you, I'm glad to hear that my kids still haven't scared you away. They are a dozen of handfuls (not just 'a handful'), aren't they?