September 13, 2008

amazing. AMAZING! AMAZING!!!

I'm not going to write yet another post about Anya not sleeping and how tired we all are in this house, that's just nothing... Nothing compared to the wonderful homebirth I got to attend tonight! My friend Rebecca, who lives just around the corner did me a great honor by inviting me to the birth of her second baby and letting me take some photos, something that I've been dreaming about doing for a while now.

I got a call in the morning from Rebecca telling me that she was having more regular contractions, but nothing that was serious enough to call the midwife. Later in the afternoon we were planning to drive an hour away to attend family birthday party. Fortunately, we were running late and as Mark was putting kids in the car, he noticed our midwife(Chris, who also was our midwife for Anya's birth) driving by and towards Rebecca's house. So of course I asked Mark to take me over there and see if I should stay. I stayed, and good thing I did :) Rebecca's little boy was born just an hour and a half after Mark drove off with the kids. I got to keep Anya with me, and although she was fussy at the beginning, she settled down quickly after I started nursing her in the sling. Then she got to watch the whole birth while I was shooting. Everyone joked that she would probably be a midwife when she grows up :)

Well, I was planning to just write a short spoiler and save the rest for another post when I have some birth photos ready... I guess I'm just too excited and can't stop thinking about the whole experience :) I'll try to get some photos ready for a preview, until then I'll post a couple of my favorite maternity photos that I took of Rebecca last week.


Amy said...

Wow Olya! Those are great! I love the colors in the second one and the texture of the wall behind her. Great job.

Valori said...

I love reading both your blog and your runawaypancake! We love to know how you, Mark and the kids are doing! You have wonderful pictures that are soo fun to look at! These pictures are soo fun to look at, soo precious! Thanks for sharing them!

Anonymous said...

These are all amazing Olya!!!