August 31, 2008

There's nothing like retail therapy

The last couple of weeks have been rough (or should I say 'months'?) with Anya's sleep getting progressively worse each day. I think I hit my breaking point last week when I told Mark that I didn't care about money, I wanted Amby bed NOW, because it was probably the only thing we hadn't tried with Anya to help her to sleep better. Well, he did that and more :)

I cautiously asked him after we finished shopping at Costco, if he would take me to a thrift store to get 'a few things'. It was getting late and more shopping would mean another hour or more at the store. But surprisingly Mark said 'yes'. I say 'surprisingly', because you have to know what it's like to take all 4 munchkins to the store wondering who's going to run out of patience first. Usually it's a tie between Mark and Elijah (men *sigh*), followed closely by Maya and Anya. Me? I just go into stress mode as soon as we enter the store, waiting for the 'bomb' to explode at any moment.

The shopping was good, I found a few things for myself and girls, after which I realized how little non-grocery shopping I've done this summer (I think Anya has been wearing the same 3 onesies for the first 4.5 months of her life). Mark found several books for kids and he was especially proud by his almost-new-and-still-shiny "My Friend Rabbit" find :)

So we left the store with 3 bags full of stuff, and the most fun part is that we barely spent $60 on everything! There's nothing like some retail therapy without any guilty feelings afterwards :)

And because I love my new skirt so much :)


Anonymous said...

Wow it looks like you found some great stuff...I love your skirt =) So are you getting the Amby?? You can always try our while you are here it is up in our room!!

Angie Nelson said...

You have some really cute stuff! Nice job on keeping it under 60 thats really great!

onegoldensun said...

Love your thrift store finds! That is my favorite thing - scoring cute well-loved stuff... you just never know what you'll find - it's like a treasure hunt! I am enjoying your lovely photos as always!


Ian Journal Entry said...

Ian will love that you are a thrift store shopper.He loves thrifting So if i need something for my kids , thrift store is the place or he goes first. And he does such a good job,I'm more picky i try to find only new stuff.Which i do sometimes.

I called you but i guess you have a new # .Can i have it


Annie said...

Whoa, that is a hot skirt, tell mark i am also impressed by the "my friend rabbit" find. Nice work!

RO said...

I love your style. You are amazing. :)