August 20, 2008

Secret garden

Looks like it, doesn't it? Too bad it's not ours... Our friends let us pick their apricots a few weeks ago and it looked almost magical after the rain. They let us come while they were gone and even left ladder and bags for us! Unfortunately they showed up at home too soon... Ha! Just kidding :)

Maya and Elijah found a snail and called it their 'pet'. There's only one way they could come up with that, from watching "Signing Times" too many times ;)


Ann said...

I love the snail that's cute that they thought it was their pet. Im jealous all the good stuff you got to pick! That tree is loaded with apricots

Anonymous said...

Oh wow how fun they look so yummy!! I love that little snail so cute =)

RO said...

Hey! Your pictures make my backyard look better than it actually does... I love that about you :) Thanks for coming by :)