August 9, 2008

Mama's lunch

Another one of my favorite lunches, although lately I've been using whole wheat tortillas instead of bread, or just skip wheat stuff all together and use red/green lettuce leaves instead :)

For toppings I use:

hummus (love to combine regular and spicy hummus from Costco)
basil pesto
leafy greens
marinated artichoke hearts
graded carrots
oven roasted bell peppers

the genius of such meal is that you can use any of the above mentioned ingredients and it will taste good no matter what! Same meal, endless combinations :)


Marissa L. Swinghammer said...

I must try this! I've never had Costco hummus. We normally get TJs traditional.

If you like Falafel Costco sells premade balls in bulk that are excellent. I put them on whole wheat pita with hummus and a dash of greek yogurt and heat it up. Then I add some greens like sprouts and enjoy.

I made one for my husband tonight and now he wants to have them as his lunches at work.

Ann said...

That sandwich looks really good...I need to eat healthy and I enjoy hummus as long as I get the red peppers and good bread with it:)

Amy said...

Hey Olya,

Amy&Peter from TBW here. Just finished reading through your blog (thanks for the link) and was happy to see pics of little Anya in her dyed dipes. I remember pictures of all the lovely pfs you dyed before she was born, but didn't remember seing any pics since.

Thanks also for reminding me about my tie-nappies. They've been in a box since we packed up to move in April and I still haven't taken them out. :( It's on my list for today!

P.S. The Costco hummus is delish, but have you ever tried making your own? Super easy to do.

Olya said...

hi Amy! thank you for stopping by :)

definitely unpack those tie nappies, mama, i don't know what i'd without mine!

i used to make mu hummus all the time, i love my recipe, with marinated artichoke hearts, yum! my processor broke a while ago, we just need to replace it (and find time to cook, hehe :)