July 12, 2008

Ode to Solar Oven

A couple of months ago Mark finally got himself a solar oven, something he'd been wanting for a while. We cooked several times in it, but today's dinner was definitely the winner! Perfect for summer because all the ingredients came either from Farmer's Market our own garden. Easy too, no recipe required. Really doesn't get any better :)

Here's what we used:
baby potatoes
green beans
fresh basil
fresh oregano
extra virgin olive oil
(next time will add whole cherry tomatoes)

Cooking time was about 3.5 hours and potatoes came out perfectly cooked, as well as beans, which stayed a bit 'squeaky', just the way we like them.




Ann said...

The food looks great from the solar oven I might just have to get me one!

Olya said...

we're loving it, almost makes it worth to have such hot summer :) Ask Mark about solar ovens, he will be happy to convert someone to solar cooking, lol!